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 AdvoCare® ~ World-Class nutrition for peak health & wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance. Formulated by an elite Scientific and Medical Advisory Board with more than 200 years of experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics, we have product endorsers you'll know including pro athletes, champion amateurs, and acclaimed entertainers. 

Use what the Pros use!


Juice Plus+

Juice Plus + capsules, gummies, and shakes are made from juice powder concentrates and oils from more than 40 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Our whole food-based products support your healthy diet by offering a much wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients found in fruits and veggies. Check out the vegan and gluten-free options!

How many servings of fruits and vegetables have you had today?

Juice Plus +

Young Living Essential Oils

 Young Living's natural solutions help you dodge harmful chemicals, enrich your life, and reclaim your natural radiance. Discover the benefits of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, derived naturally from plants.  We offer an extensive line of essential oils and essential oil-infused, plant-based products that represent the best of nature. 

You'll value our Seed to Seal quality assurance.

Take steps towards a healthier and

 chemical-free home today!

Real oils, real aroma, real quality, real uses, real science.

Young Living Essential Oils

Warrior Footprints

Artist Bruce Smith was born a century or two too late. 

A Buffalo coal forge smoked and hummed as Bruce created many steel knives. Hides were brain or walnut tanned for sheaths, possible bags, tapaderos, and more.  Antler, horn, fossil, ochres, plant dyes ......materials all found in nature while ranching, hiking, hunting, or fishing.  

But it is his Scrimshaw that catches your eye.


Warrior Footprints on Esty

Tailored Estate & Property Oversight

Now what?

Let's call Tracy!

After decades of experience working with and for attorneys, CPAs, appraisers, auctions, and realtors, we can quickly, efficiently gather information or materials needed by them.  

When you need more hands or when you are away, we can help. Confidentiality is key to us.   We are bondable, we can travel, and we're happy to assist you with projects, big or small.  Notary Public Services, as well!

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Vintage and Collectibles

  • Antique Bottles
  • Native American Artifacts
  • Vintage Vinyl Records
  • Antique Hand-made Quilts

Vintage on Etsy

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Our Experience

After 10 years in the industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, we share our passion by helping others. Our ramp up process is designed to empower your team.

Why Us?

Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve.  

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